Friday, 3 October 2008

The Marilyns

Marilyn 004

I started these pictures over a week ago and finished them today. The one below is marker pens and the right is watercolour and ink. I thought it might be worth finishing the two as a comparison. I'm not sure which I prefer. The marker pen is a better likeness but the watercolour has the subtler colouring. The masking didn't work as well on the marker pen image, the grid totally disappeared!

The rest of the day's practice was spent on an abstract picture and a watercolour of the local school.

I had a lovely email last week about the cricket caricatures with lots of very positive feedback, mentions possible future orders and recommending me to her friends. So all in all very good news!

Marilyn 003

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Mchilly said...

Awesome, nice wok.

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