Monday, 7 July 2008

Kiera Knightly and Nicole Kidman

Keira Knightly 005I've not posted for a few days as life has been too hectic to post, but I've still been drawing. Here's Kiera Knightly in marker pen, whom I finished today. There is also a watercolour of Nicole Kidman which is really a straight portrait. I was playing with using just watercolour and no black lines. I'm still struggling with the scanning of images. I think I'm not pressing it close enough so the colour's distorting at the edge. I'll try and have another go later, if I have time. In the meantime I'll just have to live with the black lines.

I've also dusted off my airbrush and been practicing using paper masks. I've ordered some masking film as the paper has a Nicole Kidmantendency to fly off! and I've got lovely green/blue fingers from holding the paper in place.

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