Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Live portraits!!!!!!!!

Feeling a bit nervous about drawing in public. Plucked up the courage to do some drawing at my son's toddler group today. Results were OK but I can't believe how nervous I felt drawing in public again after so long. Recently I've only done pictures of family or worked from pictures or still life images. People move... No way to avoid it, got to do more stuff in public. Looking at various websites and books, keep going from thinking I can do better than him to I want to do pictures like those. I know I can but I need to practice and hone my skills more. Am I going to be ready by 22nd!!!!!!! So much to do and so little time. Pencils at dawn.

Completed todays offering. Had to photograph it and then upload it after some tweaking so the image quality is a bit poor. These gremlins keep appearing. Still, this is the result. They always look so much tighter when they're reduced!

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