Thursday, 22 May 2008

Quick sketches

Didn't get around to posting yesterday, up late drawing so didn't fancy starting to post after that.
Spent the evening focusing on quick sketches. All of these were done in 10-15 minutes and with no preliminary pencil sketches. Very nervewracking as there is not option to erase lines in the wrong place. The pile of rejects was quite high, these were the ones I felt had a spark of something I want to cultivate. I look at them and see all the flaws but I've managed to catch something of a likeness of the children drawn. The girl with the basket is probably the worst in terms of likeness. I'm not sure why I drew a shopping trolley with the boy to the right. I think a scooter would have been better. Whatever, I was tired and it was late!
The boy with the kite and the one playing with water are probably my favourites. Again room for improvement so I must keep practicing.

I've finally done it and committed myself to caricaturing at the school fete so now there's no backing down and I've got to get my drawing up to scratch if I'm to stand any chance of making this a success.
I'm going to have to start sketching at the playground to try and improve my life drawing. Now to focus on today's offering.

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