Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Steps to creating a caricature for commission

I’m dead excited! Went to a networking meeting last week.

Ok, so not exciting as such but there’s more…

This morning I had a phonecall. As a result I sold 2 abstracts and I have a commission for a caricature. With all the preparation for the Art Fair at the weekend, I haven’t done any caricatures.

Buildings 4, check

Caricatures any, no!

So, I thought it you might like to hear about the process when I’m given a commission.

1.       Information gathering. I find out what interests the subject, what items the commissioner would like to have incorporated, is there anything I need to be careful about? Etc. 

I also ask for photographs or arrange to take them, depending on the occasion.

2.       Next I make 3 or 4 rough draft sketches where I try to include all the items included on the list established in step one. These are some examples. As you can see, they’re very sketchy and there is no attempt at likeness, they are purely compositional ideas.Man playing guitar

3.      I usually send these to the client, often via email. They then come back to me identifying which elements they like. Sometimes it will be a combination of parts of 2 or 3 pictures.Man playing guitar

4.     Depending on time left – not all clients understand the sense of urgency for their own deadlines! Or the amount of time required to draw and paint – I will then make a final draft which is sent for approval.

5.     I start the drawing in pencil. I will then ink this in. I used to send to client prior to inking in, but if I go wrong, I’d need to redraw, so I feel it’s best to show them the inked image.

6.     Once the ink drawing is approved, I apply colour… but I’ll leave that until next week! Where I will reveal the finished painting. I’m still awaiting client approval.

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