Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Anyone for tennis?

Brought up in a family where football was king, I have developed a distinct hatred for the game. So I felt it was time to highlight the other major sporting event of the last few weeks, Wimbledon!

Even a sports-phobic like me can’t help but notice who’s won Wimbledon. In case, you don’t know (Snorts into her hand as she falls of the floor in hysterics!) In this media obsessed culture, I think an alpine herder in Switzerland may well know!

Rafaal Nadal won the mens trophy

Rafaal Nadal


and Serena Williams won the womens!

Serena Williams

(Trying to decide whether she needs some colour, after past experiences I’m hesitant! Need to mull…)

But have you noticed that even Wimbledon is hard pushed to compete with “The World Cup”? You see, I don’t even need to mention FIFA. To any Americans reading, this is football, the clue is in the name. No hands allowed! But, hey, what do I know, I’m not keen on either?!

So lets imagine the green tennis court, the thwong of strings on rubber balls. (Raises eyebrows – Yes I did mean what you read!). Players in white (because I hanker back to old days) with a glass of Pimms in one hand and the old Strawberries and cream in the other and say “Hurrah, for Wimbledon!”

Although to my mind the best place for Pimms is always sitting in a punt on the Cherwell in Oxford! Hmm! Must do that again soon!

It is Tuesday, right? Oh! Well it should be, where has the week gone?

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