Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Country singers and big hair – dream caricatures!

What is it about American Country music that encourages it’s female stars to have such big hair.


I confess to being more than a little jealous of Crystal Gale’s hair. Just look at it!

As a child I always wanted hair I could sit on. It never grew quite long enough, stopping in the small of my back. My best friend’s was a few inches longer but still never reached the target length. It makes you wonder whether some kind of rack device was used… that or some hair extensions – pah! 

I had a request to do Crystal here and wondered who else in Country music could I do. Dolly Parton, another fan of the oversized barnet!




So, I present 2 established figures even I can recognise - not being a Country and Western Fan.


Crystal GayleAnd Dolly!

Dolly Parton

So, could this be a feature of this genre of singers. Further digging produced a new contender for the “Big Hair” crown…

who I’ve never heard of! Sorry any Carrie Underwood fans, but I didn’t know her name until I downloaded the photo on Sunday. To make up for my ignorance, here she is!

Carrie Underwood

I suspect some artificial assistance is used by a lot of these stars, they look far too good for their age -with the exception of Carrie who looks about right.

Dolly Parton* for instance, freely admits she’s had work done. Whilst not a fan of cosmetic surgery. I prefer people who fess up compared to those who obviously have work done and deny it.

I’ve learnt four unconnected things as well.

1. My pens need topping up/replacing

2. I need to clean the scanner bed

3. Doing eyes is making me cross-eyed.

4. I’m not that keen on doing hair! (Shocking when most people I talk to say drawing hair is their favourite bit.)

With the forth point in mind, maybe I should try some bald people for next week.

Sinead O’Connor immediately comes to mind… any other suggestions? Please add them to the comments.

*Sorry for Wiki link here. I decided against Dolly’s page - it was too annoying and slow and had a flash page!!!!

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