Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Twilight at night - Kristen Stewart caricature

Is it me, or has the Twilight obsession calmed down recently?

What’s that you say?


Oops! Sorry!

Sometimes I love living in a remote part of the country :-)))


Warning you might not wish to proceed with the rest of this blog.

Scenes of a Twilight..ish nature following.

So why am I doing Kristen Stewart?

Good question. I’ve had her picture my “to do” pile for a little while, but felt uninspired to proceed. In the wee small hours of Friday night, I decided to “do my worst”. It’s a relatively old pic of her, which is why she looks so young. Trouble is worst isn’t what I’ve achieved. I’m wondering if some batty references are required. I like subtle, but it doesn’t always succeed in caricatures.

Quite honestly she’s looking a bit too subtle! She’s a bit bland.

Kristen Stewart 

So what do you think? Should I add

  1. some blood spurting from her neck?
  2. 2 small dots on her neck?
  3. flying rodents? Bats, I mean bats!
  4. the odd fang or two?
  5. longs claws on the hand?
  6. Any or all of the above?


Answer _____________

Now, please tear off along the dotted lines at the bottom of you monitor and mail your answers to me!

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