Friday, 9 April 2010

Is he out of the Woods yet – Tiger Woods caricature.

Oh Tiger, how the mighty have fallen!

And yet here I am caricaturing you, which goes to show “No publicity is BAD publicity!

Now who was it who said that?

Brendan Behan!

Who he? I think it’s a case of we know the quote but the number of people who can identify the author is very small.

Don’t tell me, you’d heard of him!?

OK, let me rephrase. It just goes to show how ignorant I am that I know the quote and not the author.

So here’s Tiger Woods!

Tiger Woods

Don’t you think it’s so cute he has a monogram on his cap! Ah bless – that was on the picture, I haven’t made it up.

Wow, Brand Tiger Woods!

It’s one thing I really struggle with. Branding of the individual. My immediate question is always, Why?

And yet it’s part and parcel of the promotional machine! To be a celebrity you have to think of the brand image, be seen with the right people, look good all the time, define your “image”.

It may be un-cool, but I just don’t see the point. You are who you are, full stop, (period for you American readers)! It seems a shame that celebrities are put on pedestals. And when they fail, which they inevitably will because they are Human, yes I mean HUMAN! They are ridiculed as if they should have known better. But for heaven’s sake, he’s good at Golf, that’s it!

He isn’t superman! Like the rest of us he makes mistakes and hopes that he will be given at least a sympathetic hearing. Why is it even news?

Because Celebrity is about projecting an image and keeping that image squeaky clean. Plastering over the cracks so that any flaws cannot be seen. And because of this artifice, the caricature is so easy! And the joke?

Tiger is off his game – hence the ball going backwards.

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