Monday, 15 March 2010

Warning - Artist networking at the British Library!

Today, I ventured out into the big wide world! Well, London at least. I’ve been living in the provinces so long it’s easy to forget how busy cities are. I joined “linked in” some time ago and joined the group women mean business and  networking meeting was arranged at the British Library. We met in the foyer of the British Library with the intention of going to the Cafe. An officious staff member informed us, rather rudely that we needed to have library cards to stay after 6.00pm. He chose the wrong group of women to mess with and the assertiveness skills came to the fore. We decided to relocate and ended up at St Pancras station instead. There were about 10 of us and we did the usual exchange of cards and introductions. Quite a mixed bag of skills and some interesting potential contacts. May well have been worth the effort.

Creative output today was acceptable. I have two paintings drying, just got to wait for the big reveal in the morning!

As for images…?

Yesterday I submitted my forms for the Stowe exhibition –the deadline was today. Only a little procrastination there then.Afterwards I went in search of my artistic muse. The river and snowdrops, my first subjects, proved something of a challenge. Snowdrops on a steep bank that led to the river. I negotiated that obstacle and produced some arty water shots with the snowdrops in the fore. All without getting my feet and, more importantly, the camera wet! I’m not posting those, however. On the road afterwards I was greeted by the sun on Buckingham Parish church, I had to stop the car and take this! This photograph is completely unedited!


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