Thursday, 18 February 2010

Yellow Daffodils in the abstract form

Ever have one of those days when things seem promising, but in the end are a disappointment. Well, that sums up my artwork for the day. The picture I did yesterday hasn’t turned out as well as I’d like so I’ve tried working some pastels into it. It’s definitely better but there’s still no Wow factor yet. I’m going to post it and then leave it for a while, see if I’m inspired. This was supposed to be a lovely bunch of abstracted daffodils in a vase. Lovely isn’t quite the word I’m using yet, but we might get there!
I’ve played with pastels today, working on 2 pictures. One portrait of Siobhan, that’s going well but is going to be slow, she can’t sit for as long as I’d like, but it’s looking good! The other, of the daffodils again, is not going at all well!
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