Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sketches at home

Today has been a bit unplanned. I’ve managed to get some painting done, but nothing finished so I’m posting an ink sketch I did at the weekend. It’s a view I see regularly when I draw other things, so I thought why not draw it.


Today seems to have been lived without my having any influence on it at all. I ended up waiting in for someone who didn’t turn up until after Lunch. I then had to go out to shop, on the way back I remembered I was supposed to be at a special assembly at my daughter’s school. Then after the school run, I had to go back for a parent teacher evening. It’s all been rather frenetic!

I think I might finally have my website up and running properly. The new site is currently at cathyread.co.uk I’ve just managed to link up the art for sale with payment and sort out the last of the teething problems –oh, I think there’ll probably be more of them!!!!! Anyway, once I’ve had a few people look at it I’ll redirect the cathyread.com traffic to it as well.

Finally, I’ve  discovered that I’m on the first page on google search if you type in my name. Wahay! who needs SEO companies!!!!!! I’ve been pestered by a few of them recently. I’ve come to a conclusion. If they don’t come up when you google SEO companies, then they’re probably not that good.

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