Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Debbie Harry revisited

I seem to have lost the plot recently. I think it's pre Christmas stress, or something to do with far too many school activities and Christmas shopping. Anyway, I did this sketch of Debbie Harry the other day, last week, from a picture I found online. It was meant to be the start of an attempt at a quick sketch a day... that didn't happen. Looks at toes in the uncomfortable way you do when you haven't done your homework and the teacher wants to know why.
I didn't get any work accepted by the Royal Society of British Artist. Need to keep pluggin away at that.
I know have a picture on display in Body Matters in Well Street in Buckingham. It's not in the best place- the toilet- but at least it will be seen. There has to be some Freudian comment there but I'm not going to denegate my artwork (Trying to exercise some positive thinking here) so you'll have to fill in the blank....
I've been working on some abstracts. Christmas has taken over otherwise, carol services, we have snow...only an inch, but it's snow!

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