Monday, 2 November 2009

Posh AKA Victoria Beckham

I know who Victoria Beckham is, but other than being married to David and spending stupendous amounts of money, the only thing I know about her is she's far too thin! I could rant on about inappropriate role models and unhealthy obsession with being thin being bad for young people. Oh hang on a minute, I just did!

Victoria Beckham

I was asked - quite a while ago, to do a caricature of 2 children. I've had the photographs for nearly a month but no guidance on what they actually wanted so It's been a struggle. Well, I finally had a meeting today so I think I know what they want and can get cracking. I really don't like taking this long over a commission. It's OK if there's progress but when you're in limbo it's a bit frustrating.

Talking of frustrating, I was getting ready to finish off my last BAFA entry this afternoon. I was getting out the gel medium ready, when I realised I've bought opaque not transparent. Fortunately, I hadn't started. There's not much point embedding items into opaque medium, not if they're to be buried completely and you want to see them! A quick dash into the local art shop, Canvas, and I had what I needed. Plus a few things I will need (I really will), but not just yet!

I also managed a nice sketch of a pumpkin. Dominic came back from walking the dog with Andrew on Saturday and had been inspired. I'd bought one to make pumpkin pie with - on American export that meets with approval in our house. Dominic found it and wanted to carve a face in it. Then he did another face! I will concede they look pretty when lit up, and some pumpkins are just fantastic depending on how they've been carved. I'll not knock good artistry when I see it, even if I might not like the image.

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