Friday, 16 October 2009

Stephen Gateley

I'm not a fan of Boyzone but I, like many others, was surprised to hear of his untimely death. It's always a shock when someone younger than you dies suddenly. So, I thought I'd do this little tribute.

Stephen Gateley

I've finished one of my competition entries, I will post it once the competition is in flow. My night scene was going quite well until I removed the masking. The paint has bled under a little. I'm trying to decide whether to paint over it or redo as I originally intended. I might do both.

I've also had an enquiry about a cartoon. The spec was very specific relating to a subversive "Wizard of Oz" image. It was recreating an idea he'd seen before on a T-shirt. I was a bit concerned about copyright so I did an internet search. It didn't take me long before I found what I think is the image he wanted. I've sent him the link,with my details, naturally. Of course, I think I've probably talked him out of a sale - bad for my finances but I feel I've maintained my integrity!

Finally got around to starting my latest commission, I've had some feedback about background/setting, so I have enough to get started. I'm still waiting for some more photographs which will hopefully allow me to get a better likeness.


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