Thursday, 29 October 2009

Ronan Keating!

I've finally started my last entry for the BAFA competition - just over 2 weeks to go, nothing like leaving things to the last minute, huh! I spent a lovely couple of hours trying to create a face from self levelling gel which was supposed to be blood red. It's more shocking pink than blood red, trouble is, until it dries I won't know if it's right! Hopefully it is.

I did a sketch of the living room, inspired by watching Ewan pelt down the stairs. He sits at the top of the stairs with his legs and body stiff but flexed at the hips, arms held behind him, regulating his speed. Down he goes, again and again and again! Noticed that the view I had was very interesting, there is a hint of Ewan on the stairs in the picture, but not much.

Livinh Room sketch

I'm now off to do some more caricaturing, which I'll hopefully be able to post it later.

Here's my 4th attempt at a quick sketch of Ronan Keating. The first one had the best likeness but the body was a mess. The rest had some major flaws, well to my mind anyway.

Ronan Keating

Wow! I've just realised this is my 300th post. Never thought I'd keep the blogging up quite as well as I have. I'm now on twitter as well, need to work out how to link the 2.

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