Monday, 21 September 2009


I've been away for the weekend. A couple of quick sketches but nothing noteworthy. Feeling old as my niece celebrated her wedding at the weekend. She was one of my little bridesmaids age 4 and twenty years later...
A productive day today. Finished this painting "Praia do Castelejo" in Portugal. Took the picture on our honeymoon and just didn't get around to the painting. Seems fitting that it should be completed today.
I've been experimenting with acrylic techniques and also started another abstract, hopefully the painting will be complete later and it will be dry enough to remove the masking by tomorrow.
I've also been online for a while today. Applied to the White cube gallery. I was impressed to have a reply 1 hour and 5 minutes later. Sadly a rejection. The email sounds positive but I've given up trusting them as a realistic appraisal. I suspect it's another form rejection. I'm just an old cynic at heart! I've joined the Axis online gallery site and am just formulating my support statement and deciding on images before I apply. I'm feeling too jaded to pursue it tonight! Besides, I want to finish my painting!

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