Sunday, 2 August 2009


Spent the day in Oxford. Managed a short travel - less than an hour. Visited the natural history museum and Pitt Rivers museum. Dusted off the watercolours and painted a river scene overlooking Christchurch meadow where we moored for the night. Picture to follow, once we get a reliable 3G signal or return home!Christchurch Meadow Oxford
Excuse the red blob, I have trace on my scanner! i.e. red paint.
Now we're back I can also share this wonderful Carmen Miranda headdress made from tin cans!
Isn't it fabulous? I simply adore the "Boddingtons" banana and "Tango" orange! It was in a section of art made from everyday junk! I love the Pitt Rivers museum. Must go there to sketch and be inspired once the children are back at school!

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