Thursday, 27 August 2009


Nearly finished the latest caricature, but I will have to wait before I can post it at the client is not going to see the recipient for a while!

Between toilet training and unexpected visitors and reading I've not done anything else so here is another of the abstracts I finished on Monday. I wasn't going to post it but after some positive feedback from my friend this afternoon I decided I'd go for it!


I've bought a fabulous book recently called "An illustrated life" by Danny Gregory. I've been looking for some guidance on sketchbooks for ages and found this. Wish I'd seen it when I was doing my A levels. Hang on, there wasn't anything like it when I was doing A levels. There's a sore point. It's been slowly dawning on me that my A level art teacher was right. Practice is the "grammar" of the subject of Art. However I wasn't ready to take his advice such was my annoyance with the man. I'll have to be careful or I might be sounding regretful of missed opportunities, can't have that. Off to practice and then bed!

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