Thursday, 13 August 2009

Daniel Radcliffe

cWith the release of the latest Harry Potter film, it seemed only right to make some reference to Harry Potter in this caricature. Poor Daniel Radcliffe will be forever associated with "Harry Potter" still I'm sure the money will make the suffering all the easier! As we're still aboard the boat the photo's not great and I've missed off the caption. It should read:- "Daniel experienced a few teething problems with the new Nimbus 3000 on the 'Harry Potter' set!


Today was relatively relaxing except for one very scary moment when the boat caught on the side of a lock as we were going down. Fortunately we managed to drop the paddles in time and the boat fell off the wall without too much damage. Lots of things on the floor but only 2 broken cups! I don't like seeing the boat at that sort of angle with my children on board!!!!!! We only did 7 locks today so lots of time to draw!

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