Friday, 24 July 2009

Natalie Imbruglia - stage 1

Well, today has not been dull. I started the day doing domestic stuff and was planning to do some printing in the afternoon. My eldest arranged to visit a friend and was feeling a bit rundown but keen to go. So I dropped him off, came back for lunch. Took the youngest to a doctors appointment then returned for half an hour then it was time to collect the eldest. He was feeling much worse, hot, feeling cold with a headache and feeling sick. I got him home and dosed him with ibuprofen.

He was looking a bit grey so I looked up swine flu symptoms. I used the government's self diagnosis pages and on the first attempt I got past the first page and it suggested I call 999. I felt this was an over-reaction as he was conscious, walking around, drinking... So I tried again and said no to the first page and after completing the questions I was given the code to collect a Tamiflu prescription. I just had to drive 12 miles to the nearest pharmacy - oh, and find the place all before 18.30 - this was at 18.00! Have you ever tried to rush with a 4 year old in toe. Poor lad now has so many tablets in him he'll rattle if he's shaken.

Excitement over, I decided to do a caricature to calm my nerves - that and a beer. Which I've reached the first stage. Natalie here. I'm finding the celebrity caricatures harder than the commissions because I know so little about the celebrities. So she's water-boarding. OK so I'm clutching at straws, but it makes a pretty picture.

Natalie Imbruglia

I'll paint it tomorrow and post the finished picture.

Who knows, I might even get around to my printing, as well!

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