Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I can't decide on a title

Today's post isn't quite finished but needs to dry a bit before I can clean up the white areas. Otherwise the inks spread into them. As it is I usually end up looking like I've got some contagious skin disease by the time I've removed the masking fluid. I'm mulling over titles, do I go descriptive or surreal, you know something like "Circles converging on a triangle" or "Elephants meeting at a waterhole"? I often wonder at titles of pieces i.e. Pretentious rubbish versus stating the obvious?


I've completed the three abstracts I started last night - OK other than the cleaning up on this one. Spent an infuriating hour trying to get figures right in an acrylic picture of street hockey I started before my last commission. I think they're right now!

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