Friday, 3 July 2009

The elusive Internet!

We had a catastrophe yesterday, especially for a certain 12 year old in our household. The Internet router died! SOB... As you can see it has now been replaced, obviously. Don't you hate it when people state the obvious. Anyway, yesterday was life drawing class - the last one - wine and nibbles prevailed. We were all envying the model and the room was unbearably hot. A combination of unusually warm weather - for the UK- and poor ventilation. Mixed results, Some I'm really pleased with!

On Tuesday I dropped some pictures off for printing and the proofs were ready today, I'm really pleased how they've turned out. Just waiting for the order. I've also started packaging up the finished pictures ready for sale.

Finally I've started another picture of Drew Barrymore, hopefully I will be able to post it tomorrow, in the meantime. Here's another abstract.

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