Saturday, 4 July 2009

Drew Barrymore portrait

Well, I did the car boot. I sold one card... to Andrew. Not what you'd call a staggering commercial success! (Did you see what I did there? Sarcasm, it might be the lowest form of wit but it makes me feel better.) I did give out business cards and a few people did seem genuinely and not just politely taking the cards in order not to offend my 8 year old assistant. Andrew also pointed out that at £8 a pitch it was cheap advertising. Only time will tell if it was worth it. It was a usefull exercise in ironing out problems such as how to display my cards and I need to find a better way of showing the paintings. I really need to look at craft fairs though. Most people at car boots are not looking for fine art, unless it's seeking a bargain to show at the "Antiques Roadshow"
Not that I'm a cynic you understand.

So, onto todays post. This one's another attempt to get Drew Barrymore, but a portrait this time. I'm still not 100% happy with the left eye, when am I ever but her eyebrow really was that bushy compared to the left, probably just an optical illusion caused by the shadows.
I also had some other ideas following the car boot. I haven't done a Bond yet and loads of people asked for Michael Jackson, so when I've got some printer ink, I'll try him. I can't decide what era though, probably the Thriller/Off the Wall period.

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