Thursday, 11 June 2009

It's Trisha Goddard, I think.

OK I hove to confess, I'm not sure who this is. I don't watch daytime TV so I'm not familiar with her. I just googled the name, along with several other names. Alas I didn't put a name with the picture, hence the vagueness on the name. It's a good likeness to the picture, though.

Trisha Goddard

So today has been frustrating but not unsuccessful. I had Dominic off sick, again. He doesn't stop me working and isn't really demanding but the lack of "not being responsible" time is quite draining, psychologically. Still, he can't help being ill,poor lad.

I've finally applied the eyelets to my big abstract.More than a few technical problems there. Mainly due to the eyelets needing to be over the stretcher bars. Still I managed to solve the problem with a butter baller. A gadget I was given years ago, used once and have never used since. It's finally found it's vocation!

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