Tuesday, 16 June 2009

BAFA Art Gallery

First thing, I finished off a couple to abstracts I did yesterday. This one is called "Mine's a red!" It's my second attempt and I think the wineglass has worked better this time!I'll have a red! 001

The rest of my precious painting time was spent at a Buckingham Arts for all Gallery meeting. The idea is to have a not for profit gallery to exhibit local painters works and do community projects. This is very early planning but it was an exciting meeting with lots of ideas and potential premises discussed. Question is do we aim big from the start - old Cinema site - or look at a smaller project with a view to something bigger in the future!!!!! It would be fantastic to try for big, but we'll see...

In the evening I tried to do some more drawing but was distinctly uninspired so started playing "What if" with shapes and images to see if something clicked. I remain uninspired!

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