Saturday, 23 May 2009

Summer exhibition reject

The letter from the Royal Academy arrived today! Ho hum - not as gutted as I thought I'd be - really thought I stood a chance but did wonder whether the religious theme was too much. Sometimes you have to go with what feels right and this felt right. So my first acrylic painting - lots of errors, I think if I'd had the time I would have repainted it. Really feeling anti art establishment - mutter, mutter, mutter. Still can't believe Tracey Emin is now an RA!!! Blah! Blah! Blah!

So here is "The Reason"

Read Cathy Cross A3

Quick explanation - don't mean to be patronising but if you're not a Christian it might need explaining. The shattered cross represents sin and human suffering. The central figure represents Christ as the link between heaven and earth in a transient state and the only way through to heaven. All we have to do is take his hand. The background could be anywhere but I like beaches! There are no people in the background as I didn't want to detract from the central figure, but they are there. Some pieces of the cross are blank - these are for sins unknown or personal - the choice is yours!

So, nothing weak and wishy washy! There's always next year. Need to find some more competitions...

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