Friday, 29 May 2009

How not to draw Reece Witherspoon!

Well, today was a strange day. A mixture of good and bad. I wasted far too much time browsing through books...

Then there was the life drawing class, (moved to Thursday for this week only). A single pose for nearly 2 hours which came out well. Not sure whether to post it - possibly a little too revealing for this post

Feeling flushed with success I thought I should tackle a portrait. So, who to draw, Reece Witherspoon was my choice. This was the result of half an hours work - a quick sketch successful in that it's a convincing person. However, not a good likeness of Reece. I've decided to quit for the night and try again tomorrow!

OK now, time for the reveal, brace yourself for a bad likeness and feel free to laugh at this attempt, I do!

You can start laughing...


Reece Witherspoon

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