Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Life drawing class

The conspiracy continues... now Andrew's joining in- or should I say his employers are. The day was as hectic as expected but I managed to get to all meetings on time. I collected the dog complete with bandage and treatment regime. All working well so far...

I had a phone call at 4.30 from Andrew to say he would be working late. This evening was my first life drawing class and I had been really looking forward to it so was more that a bit disappointed - I think spitting bullets is the term! After one and a half hours frantic phoning around I finally arranged for someone to mind the children - she would have been my first choice but she's 30 weeks pregnant and I wanted to pursue other avenues first. (Thanks so much Tasha, if you're reading this - you're a star!) Anyway I packed the children off and arrived at the life drawing class about 2 minutes past 7pm. My initial sketches were so so but I think I was getting into my stride by this one. CIMG3770

It's a bit faint as it's a photograph of the drawing. This one was a twenty minute sketch - we had supposed to be doing 45 minutes but I wasn't happy with my first attempt at this pose. I think it's working well - wanted to work on it more though!

I think I might try some quick portraits before I head to bed!

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