Thursday, 12 March 2009


I was all set to post my caricature from last week when I realised, I didn't scan it - oops! Fortunately it was for my sister in law's 40th - sorry Judi I had to mention it!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I'm not really sorry, just going through the motions. So, I can tell you about it whilst I await my darling hubby is sending me the scanned image as he's promised. If there is no image with the post, it hasn't arrived yet but will be installed - maybe I should include a test card - there, that's better. So retro!

Test card

Not sure I'm going to be able to remove it - must be mind control- must retain image... I always suspected there was something sinister about it - then I saw "Life on Mars" and now I know there is. It's on telly so it must be right, yes?

I've made some progress on the old comp entry but guess what I'm stuck again. Trying to make a face etherial and cloudlike without going ultra cute or sinister and I mean creepy - not as easy as it sounds!

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