Thursday, 26 February 2009

Kirsten Dunst in colour

CIMG3584 I fancied a portrait today. Another attempt at Kirsten Dunst. The colours are not quite the same as the photograph but I liked the effect early on and decided to keep it in the pale colours. I also wanted to keep the look sketchy as the image appears more dynamic. Sometimes when you're faced with a stunning picture copying it slavishly seems wrong, it needs an "arty" slant. Hark at me I'm going all "Art critiquey" - I always hated art history - I like the pictures but not all the waffle that goes with the descriptions and analysis. Art is subjective and personal- unless you can read my mind you don't know what I'm thinking. As a child I did lots of people in pictures but never any faces. My mother was concerned until I started doing portraits. The reason why I didn't put faces on was because I didn't think I could do them! I think I might have got over it now! So, I shall cease the waffle immediately. I did it this way because I wanted to and that's all I need to say!

To sum up - I'm very happy with this one - yes you read that correctly - I LIKE this one.

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