Monday, 26 January 2009

Pink panther cake!

CIMG3552 No caricatures today, birthday party to organise for my daughter. So here's the cake. I'm quite pleased with it, I'm not that keen on cake decorating, never happy with the results, not like clay or paint. So to be quite pleased is doing well for me. I also made my first pinata (I haven't worked out how to do accents yet-sorry) which is supposed to be a dragon - I hadn't realised it was Chinese New Year, honest - but I did intend it to look like a chinese dragon. I had some help with the painting of the head from Siobhan, I would have done it differently. Not bad for a first effort and definitely worth the effort to see their faces. Especially Andrew!!!!!!!!! He looks a bit worried.

See the picture below!P1241326

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