Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Oil painting

No caricatures today. I've been experimenting with oils over the past few days, trying palette knives on a picture of an eagle for my daughter - she likes wildlife. Struggling to stop and leave it alone, still want to fiddle and get the same effect as I can with brushes.CIMG3475 Generally struggling to get a more refined effect, but maybe I shouldn't be with a knife, perhaps crude is the way to go. It certainly give a more spontaneous effect. This is the virtually finished effect. I need to define the beak some more but it's quite effective. Definitely a distance picture! More practice needed...

I've started a caricature of Halle Berry, need to ink up and paint. Life is so hectic at the moment with children's activities I'm struggling to get many caricatures done. I'm managing some outdoor sketching, mainly buildings. I'm also wanting to explore the oils more, but not necessarily caricatures.

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