Monday, 6 October 2008

Kim Bassinger

Kim BassingerI've spent some time today copying pictures and uploading them onto the yessy and saachi sites. Otherwise it's not been a productive day. I've been unable to print some new pictures off - ran out of ink and didn't feel inspired with the others I already had. Rather than publish nothing I thought I'd put this one of Kim Bassinger up. You can see from the date that it's a very old one but I've always been pleased with it, I like the looseness and freedom of movement. I've always loved the way strokes of pastels of 2 or more different colours merge when viewed from a distance. In a more vibrant way then when the same colours are blended by rubbing. Of course , I can always find flaws...

Some more good news, I've had another commission, a fantasy portrait with Robbie Williams. As it's for a Christmas present I wont be able to publish the finished pictures until then, but it's a commission. I'm also planning to enter a local art competition, got the details today and have been working on some ideas in sketch form.

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