Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey Well this is Jim Carrey. Not my best likeness by a long chalk but quite a pleasing result nonetheless. It has not been a productive few days from the portrait/caricature front. The oil paintings are going quite well, but they're a still life and landscape. I've been playing with ripple effects in oil, as you can see below. Ripples 001Ripples

I think I prefer the bottom one. I was intending to work them more but something about the simple rendering of the shapes was quite appealing. These were done about 2 weeks ago but I've only just felt happy about putting them on the scanner bed, oil takes soooooooooo long to dry! Definitely a watery them going on today. I can't say that I consciously planned things that way! Just a process of evolution I suppose.

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