Saturday, 20 September 2008

Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer AnnistonI finished the commission yesterday. Two A3 watercolours of retiring members of a cricket club. I'll be able to post them tomorrow, as they're being presented at a cricket dinner tonight, possibly even as I write. I finished them on Thursday and they were handed over yesterday, client was happy and I got paid, so I was.

I spent most of yesterday trying to sort out how to put images in a database of my artwork, still no success so feeling VERY frustrated. If anyone reading this can offer any advise, it would be appreciated? I'm using Open Office but I think I need to upgrade as I could write the tables and forms but not edit them once they were saved, and I still can't get the individual pictures into the files, just the same one on ALL of them.

Today has been much better, I returned to the celebrity marker pen caricatures. Here is Jennifer Anniston in a stretch limo.

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