Friday, 8 August 2008

Heath Ledger

I'm struggling with internet connections today had image in wrong orientation and poor quality but it is taking an age to upload it. Canal's are unreliable for communication technology. I will try upload the right image tonight or rectify situation tomorrow. Spent the day between Drayton Manor Park and the Vet's. The dog has something in his paw, not sure what but have to bathe it and administer Antibiotics; it was that or remain another night in the location while the vets performed a minor op. Finished the picture of Heath Ledger, such a waste for him to go like that and so young! I like the heavy shadow of the picture but not sure it's well suited to caricature. I'm not sure it's a good likeness, there is more than a hint of Alan Davis about this one. Have had some ideas for some oil paintings, not all portraits but I feel the urge to return to oils. I've been attracted to some landscape images recently, just finished a water colour on the canal and partway through a sunflower picture, I'd better finish that one soon as they're dying.
The Wretched image has not uploaded yet so I'll try again in the morning.

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