Thursday, 28 August 2008

David Duchovny

David Duchovny Following my picture of Gillian Anderson I thought it only right to do David Duchovny, in my opinion, the more attractive of the 2. He was the main reason I used to watch "The X files", lost interest when he left. It is an A3 picture which had to be scanned hence the line across the middle. My son's comment was, "Hey Mum, I like the picture but you've done the wrong one!" He was referring to "Evolution" of course, although that was not my thought when I did it. I started off thinking of him in a bubble, then that developed to a space suit. I liked the idea of alien insects being able to treat glass as a liquid bubble, and then it evolved further. I wanted him to float, following the space idea and the spiders web got worked in as a result. I tend to plan these things on the page although I usually have an idea of what I plan to do.

No picture for yesterday, I did a pencil sketch of Amy Winehouse but it just hasn't worked how I want it. I'll have another go and post it when I'm happy.

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