Thursday, 26 June 2008

Time to try some new faces

Googled a few celebrities to find more subjects today. I've drawn Reese Witherspoon in black marker and I'm very pleased with the likeness. I love the clean lines of black and white. Sometimes I think colour detracts from the image. I also need to decide whether to put a body on or leave her as a disembodied head- I quite like the effect of the latter. It has a simple charm, but a body and background could add more, decisions, decisions. I'll mull on it and decide later before I post the image. I've ordered some more copic markers, hopefully in the colours I need. Then we'll see how I get on. I'm determined to master them, even though my first attempts have been depressingly bad. Still, if we didn't make mistakes, we wouldn't learn. I know I can do so much better than that!

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