Thursday, 12 June 2008

More technology meltdowns...!

I am unable to post at the moment, we have not BT connection so no telephone or broadband. That a mere 2 days after my laptop died a sudden and dramatic death, complete with curling plumes of the corner. I'm continuing to draw and blog, but it won't be published until the phone is fixed.

Angelina Jolie 1 Monday evening effort was disappointing, although I like the overall premise. It is supposed to be Angelina Jolie but it all went wrong at the inking up stage. I realised her nose was too short and and with the eyelashes she seems to have morphed into Dusty Springfield.

The second attempt was better although I haven't caught the mouth quite right, there's a certain Simpsonsesque turn, especially on the right. I really like my jeep although any purists out there may find 101 faults it feels nice and solid. I could have gone darker with the hair but I really like the light layer effect which would have been spoilt by going darker. This is an authentic style from the Angelina Jolie 2picture I used but it's another reason she looks so Dusty like in the black and white picture. My eldest has found several faults so it's obviously not one of my best efforts, but he has assured me that I shouldn't quit!!!!!

Again, I've had to photograph these pictures as they are both A3 and won't fit onto my scanner bed. Hence the poor picture quality

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