Sunday, 15 June 2008

A man in black

P6150803 Today's offering is a pastel of Will Smith. Sorry, but I had to go for the obvious!! Any "Men in black" fans shouldn't pay too close attention to the weapon, which is entirely made up from my own, probably inaccurate, memory. If I was a man I'd probably remember it, but objects don't hold that much interest for me. Well, not when I've got someone like Will Smith to look at instead! Give it to Angelina Jolie and I'd have not problems. He has a bit darker skin tones than the original but I think the colour hues are accurate. I like the larger format, it's a pity I can't scan in A3 though, the photographs just aren't as good quality as the scanned images. Sorry, I'll stop going on about it and accept the limitations. Ha Ha Ha!

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