Saturday, 7 June 2008

Heroes and Desperate housewives

Spent some time on Hayden Panettiere CIMG3102 The picture is A3 so I've had to photograph it to upload to the blog. Hence the grey colours. I really want it to be in colour which will have to wait until I can afford more marker pens.

I also completed a watercolour of Eva Longoria, I did the image some time ago but hadn't finished the painting, I'm pleased with the skintones on the face. I haven't quite finished her wineglass but otherwise it's finished. Quite a good day all in all. CIMG3101


sanderson said...

wow, the desperate housewife is fab.Look forward to seeingtomorrows efforts.

sanderson said...

Wow,the desperate housewife is fantastic.Look forward to tomorrows offering

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