Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Experimenting with markers YUK!!!!

My yesterday/today contribution was Noel Fielding, I'm really pleased with the likeness but not at all happy with the colouring. A bit too orange and blotchy for my taste. (I've decided to remove it, I was cringing every time I saw it on the blog.) My first attempt was better than my second attempt but still not as I'd like it. I think I may have found out where I've been going wrong I'm letting the edge dry so the streaks appear. I'm going to play for a bit longer before I make another attempt.

I went to look at an art exhibition last night. Enjoyed it and felt up to the competition. All very civilized.

I have now created some flyers which I handed out on Sunday and have been steadily handing them out since. So far only favourable comments but there seems to be genuinely interested so we'll see if anything emerges.

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