Sunday, 25 May 2008

Plugging away

Spent some time drawing from the TV and copying comic ideas for backgrounds. Need to continue to develop my own but I'm trying to pick up the cartoon techniques and tricks so that they come more naturally. I still have to think to include the cartoon elements such as movement lines. Feeling much more confident today, I've AnnaFord20080525managed to get a likeness of Anna Ford from the TV last night although it's very sketchy and rough I've included it so hopefully I can look back and see some progress.

I've also been working on a picture of Amanda Holden today. After the 4th attempt, I managed to do a picture that I'm pleased with. The first two attempts were straight into ink but I'm still tending to be a bit too heavy with the pen around the nose and mouth to get a likeness which doesn't look like her grandmother. more practice required... AmandaHolden20080525 The blog seems to be a good way to galvanise my activities and focus my energies. I've switched to Windows live writer to update the blog. It allows more manipulation of the pictures than the one blogspot provide. Any techies reading this will probably know of a better one, but this is sufficient for my current needs.

Answer to last Sunday's picture is...John Travolta!

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