Friday, 23 May 2008


Feeling much better today. Still nervous but drawings are generally more successful. Generally getting more "cartoony" and venturing to put more comic backgrounds in. This was my favourite from today. Still need to simplify, don't think the greenhouse needed the plants!

Did my first stint drawing in the playground. Again, I was very nervous. First attempt was an unmitigated disaster not helped by eldest son bursting into hysterics when he saw it. "But it's supposed to be funny!" was his response when questioned. Second attempt much better, think I have a likeness and in 5 minutes. Ran out of space on the page though, I was working in A5 (it fits in my handbag) next time I'll try A4 (or A3 if I'm feeling brave). The other problem was the second child seemed unable to stay still - his head slowly but steadily dropping forward as if he was falling asleep - in my previous incarnation I would have said "Poor proprioceptive awareness!" Hopefully get some more drawing done tonight, I'll try the TV drawing again but this time on a nice panel game type show with fewer changes of camera angles.

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